Daniel Waples is truly a pioneer of the newly invented handpan instrument and is arguably the most recognized player in his field. He travels globally to share his passion and introduce his music to new listeners. 

His skills on the handpan are self-taught, and many aspiring players often sight his technique and philosophy of composition as an inspiration.

He works with different styles of music, mixing them and creating something new and beautifully unique. 

Daniel Waples' personal philosophy:

“Throughout history there have been troubadours, bards, and wandering minstrels present, and I feel that I’m tapping into this ancient art form when I move to new places.

I support myself as an independent musician whist spreading the gospel of the Handpan, an instrument associated with energy work and alternative healing, and one which I see as a symbol for universal peace and a tool to aid those inner journeys all people take pursuing their individual paths.”

Daniel has spent much of his time working with handpan makers to make the instrument more widely accessible. He is often found working to help developing communities, children with mental health issues, and at yoga festivals. Daniel has Studied Stringed Musical Instrument Technology at Leeds College of Music, and Popular Music at Boston College; he has also trained in Holistic Gong Therapy and is a community drum circle facilitator.

It is his aim to travel the world to inspire smiles, induce relaxation, and promote the art he is passionate about, while sharing good food and collaborating with a vast array of artists wherever possible.

Daniel Waples' short biography:

Daniel is originally from Greater London and is currently based in New York City. He bought his first handpan in 2007 and since then has been consistently on the road, having not spent any longer than three months in one country.

Now with over 40 million views across YouTube alone, he has recorded 9 albums, performed in front of thousands of people, at hundreds of events in over 50 countries, spanning 5 continents and been a speaker at 6 TEDx events. He supports himself as an independent musician, spreading the sound of the handpan, a new age acoustic musical instrument made from hammered steel.

More at: http://hanginbalance.com/