• Image of Orgonite - Handpan Pendent
  • Image of Orgonite - Handpan Pendent
  • Image of Orgonite - Handpan Pendent
  • Image of Orgonite - Handpan Pendent
  • Image of Orgonite - Handpan Pendent

This mini Handpan pendant is not just a wicked piece of handmade art - it's also a strong healing stone:

A full-fledged Orgone Generator made with quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline, sodalite, fluorite, rose quartz and a drop of Gangawater.

So you're not just wearing a cool pendant, it's even doing you good :-)

All pendants are 100% handmade - and with that I really mean made by the two hands of one brother who created them from scratch. The shape of the handpandant is the result of many nights work to create a stunningly detailed similarity to a proper Handpan (Hang, Pantam, BEll's, Halo, Orbi, SpaceDrum ect).

The actual work process includes different materials: resin, gold leaf, metal shavings, various crystals, sandalwood shavings, a drop of Ganga water and a copper coil.

Just a quick info on some of the materials used:

The resin is produced by a small family-owned business in Germany.
The metal shavings are supplied by a befriended metal worker.
The raw crystals used are cleansed, purified and crushed in a very conscious way to ensure their highest energetic purity and nuff Irie vibez.
The Ganga water was hand collected in Haridwar, India.
The sandalwood comes from a small rare piece of wood from south america.
The copper coil is hand rolled.
The rim gets fitted by hand, and the bails are handmade as well.

To further ensure a high grade of artistic perfection and energetic purity my bro Raphael meditates and practices spiritual rituals before beginning work.

You see, you really get something crafted with love :-)

Just a quick word on Orgones in general if you're interested:

Orgone Generators are powerful energy purifiers.

The name “Orgone” derives from Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a colleague of Dr. Sigmund Freud. It means the same as Prana, Ether or Chi – Universal Life Force. He built the first Orgone Accumulators in the 1930’s - big boxes for people to sit in and get showered by healthy energy. He also conducted very successful experiments with Orgone Cloudbusters, bringing rain to deserts. He was discredited by the FDA and put into prison for selling Orgones where he died some days before release....

Based on his research, an American couple, Don and Carol Croft, invented the Orgone Generators in the 1990’s. The principle is simple, but effective: Organic material, in this case resin made from mineral oil, attracts positive and negative life force. The embedded crystals balance the energies, and the inorganic material metal dispels the now harmonious life force.

Electronic devices like pc's, laptops, smartphones and cellphones emit low-frequency microwaves, which literally kills life force, creating DOR (deadly Orgone) which is harmful lo living beings. Orgone devices transmute & revitalise DOR and thus create an healthy environment - thats's why Orgone devices are so good to have around.

These days Orgones are made and used by thousands of people all over the world, conscious of the energetic pollution in which we are living – and actively doing something against it. Be one of them.

These are made in collaboration with my very good friend Raph, to chekc out hsi otehr works, please see here: