• Image of 'Lisn - Daniel Waples & Friends CD

Daniel Waples (Hang in Balance) and ten breathtaking musicians offer us with "Lisn" an emotional and spirited voyage in nine unique atmospheres, from one side of the celtic dynamic rhythms, to the cajon of Peru and a mystical Kabalistic melody, to the other of the visceral beats of Africa.

Produced by Martin Cradick, who also plays double bass, guitar and mandolin and is the founding member of "Baka Beyond" and "Outback", "Lisn" counts one more time
Flavio Lopez (violin),
James Winstanley (hang),
James Watts (Daduk),
Radek Ditrych (Bass),
Caoimhe de Pair (recorders)
and features the rest of the band "Baka Beyond",
Su Hart (vocals),
Ayodele Scott (percussion),
Ndia (baka drum)
Kisibingo (bass).